As part of the Community Tree Planting Program fund by a grant from TD Friends of the Environment, Ontariogreen held a free public talk on gardening with native wildflowers, shrubs and trees in in Beamville in March 2017.  You can view the Native Tree and Shrub presentation, that provides suggestions, photos and useful information about choosing the right native tree or shrub for your landscaping needs, by clicking on the blue bars at right.

Lincoln Community Tree Planting Program

Native Tree and Shrub Presentation

Call us anytime to learn about our programs at 905-562-3819 or email us at

Ontariogreen, in partnership with the Town of Lincoln, has initiated a community tree planting program that has planted 210 native trees and shrubs in four Town of Lincoln Parks. More plantings are being planned. If you would like to help with the plantings, please contact Liz at 905-562-3819 or email her at Funds for this initiative have been provided by a grant from TD Friends of the Environment, Val Fleming and Walker's Aggregates.

Community Greening Projects

Ontariogreen members have more than 14 years experience in organizing community tree plantings. Want to organize a tree planting in your community? We can help.

​Ontariogreen board chair Bree-Anne Wilson helps supervise a community tree planting.

Students plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to green their schoolyard.

Schoolyard Naturalization Projects

Ontariogreen has helped several schools with schoolyard naturalization and outdoor classroom projects. Our educators can help you design a plan, draft a budget, select plants, give advice about organizing the planting day and may be able to help with the planting depending on where your school is located. We also have presentations for teachers about schoolyard greening and for students about the importance of these projects.