Nature In The City

"You did an awesome job speaking to the campers last week! Thank you for the “stories” because that’s what they will remember. There is so much learning that happens through storytelling, don’t you agree? Also, thank you for talking about the coyotes in Oakville and educating our campers on the safety around them. Thank you for the great work that you have done in our community to make it a “greener” and better place to live!"

                                                                                                                     - D.C. Leader

               Summer Camp Program, Oakville

Community Tree Plantings and In-Class Presentations

"Thank you for all your support of our programming. All the attention you give to the school and our students is going to pay off! We are already seeing a great more interest in our environmental club this year. I have students stopping me in the hall almost daily to tell me they're going to be a part of something this year, and I do attribute this interest to all the amazing opportunities you are offering them. Many, many thanks."
                                                                       - S.N.

Private Elementary School, Oakville

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Urban Animals

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. It tied in beautifully with all of the environmental things that we do at our school. It was great to learn about all of the native species of animals from around our community. Actually, we are studying animals from different countries in both Science and Social Studies and
the information you provided us with today was right on topic with what we need to know in grade two. We particularly liked the discussion about the Monarch Butterfly because we know they are on the endangered species list and would like to do something to help them if we can. I think we will write a letter to our principal and ask her if she would reconsider her decision about letting us plant milkweed over on the school property where kids don’t play. 

Thank you for a wonderful and very informative presentation."

- Love the Grade 2 kids

Halton Catholic Elementary School

Urban Forest Tours for Newcomers

"Once again thank you very, very much to you for the opportunity provided to our clients to explore the Oakville Urban Forests and to
learn so many interesting facts and stories that inspire everyone . . . We are all hoping and looking forward to have another Urban Forest Tour in the near future . . . everyone enjoyed the Urban Forest Tour a lot (I am receiving excellent feedback from the participants). Once again many thanks!"
                                                          - D.A.

Newcomer Information Centre, Oakville

Ontariogreen's programs have reached more than 80,000 students in 13 Ontario Regions.

Our programs not only complement the Ontario Science, Geography and Social Science Curricula but also they inspire action, promote eco-conscious behaviour and helpschools achieve ECO School Certification. But don't just take our word for it, read the feedback below!

Pretty Amazing Plants

"Thank you very much for these resources. They will surely come in handy for this unit on Plants. Katerina and I would love to thank you for an amazing presentation. This morning, the children were still talking about your presentation, and told us about how they shared your points of interest with their family last night! We were so delighted to hear this, and thought that you would like to hear about what an amazing impact you had on this eager bunch of students! We enjoyed your presentation thoroughly! Thank you again!"
                                                                            - B.S.

                 Private Elementary School Teacher

Elementary Presentations and Schoolyard Naturalization

"St Brigid School in Ayr, Ontario was very fortunate to have the expertise of Liz Benneian visit our school in April. She conducted three separate workshops for students in Grades 1, 2, and 3. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed all of her engaging presentations (Zero Waste, Beneficial Bugs, and Pretty Amazing Plants). It is obvious that Liz is passionate about the environment and how it relates to our global responsibility as humans to keep it green. All of Liz’s presentations were interesting, stimulating, and included excellent visuals. We anxiously wait for her return next year. 

Also, Liz was instrumental in our School Greening Project. She went above and beyond to offer advice, support, and direction in order to help us qualify for ECO Schools Bronze Status. Liz took time to design a plan to include native plants to help promote biodiversity here at our school.  She spent an entire day, along with a colleague to assist us with our big planting project.

"We couldn’t have done it without her."
                                                                                                                                                                   - A.L.

Catholic Elementary School, Ayr

Feedback on our programs

Living With Coyotes

"With respect to the Living With Coyotes presentations yesterday – Liz, I commend you for the friendly manner with which you engaged the students at an age-appropriate level to familiarize them with the presence of coyotes in their neighbourhoods and parkland areas and what to do when you encounter a coyote. The presentation was beneficial to the students and staff and hopefully the message will be taken home to be shared with their families. Well done!"
                                                              - C.J.

Halton Catholic School Board

​Restoring Nature

"Hello Liz and Heather: I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for taking the time to come visit us at St Joseph's on Monday and giving that wonderful presentation. I enjoyed it very much and so did my class. We had some great discussions afterwards and they can't stop talking about the video about the Wolves at Yellowstone Park."
​                                                           - C. A.

Halton Catholic School

Learning Through Play

"Thank you again for your excellent presentations to our students this. Your information was so helpful and engagingfor students - our students were playing 'coyote' at morning recess following your presentation. We have shared your information with our staff as per below. Thanks again,"
​                                                                  - J.A. 

Halton Catholic Elementary School

Swan Stories

"Thank you so much for the presentation. We spent another half an hour talking about it afterwards. It was perfect for this age level.Very engaging."

Hamilton Catholic Elementary School

​​​​Generating Discussion

"I wanted to thank you for delivering your presentations to the grade 7 and 8 classes. Both presentations were very well received and well linked to curriculum expectations. They were a great mix of information and discussion, and the visual element was engaging to the students. We would love to have you come back next year! Thanks," 
                                                            - O.P.

Halton Catholic Elementary School

Engaging High School Students

"As a first-time teacher to the Grade 11 environmental science course I entered the semester with excitement yet trepidation. I knew the course had fantastic potential but I was concerned that I would not be able to infuse it with enough "close to home" information in order to keep it relevant for the students. Your assistance in providing real-life, close to home, time-lined examples has been invaluable. The students' feedback was always positive and when they were told you were coming for a talk they were always present and engaged (which is not always the case on a day to day basis!). The kids especially enjoyed their tree planting experience, even though the weather was so terrible. It allowed them to put their newfound knowledge about the importance of biodiversity and indigenous species into an experience they won't soon forget! You have made this course richer with your knowledge and experience and have allowed me the opportunity to learn with the students. I am hopeful that you can be a part of my course again next year."

Halton Public High School

​​​​Changing Behaviour

"Thank you so much for all of the great information and the tips on what we all can do to help protect what we have. The feedback that I have been getting from staff and students has been nothing but positive. I have noticed a change in the way my students go about "throwing" things away.Hopefully we will be able to build on this momentum."

-D. S.

                                Niagara Catholic Elementary School

​​EcoSchool Gold

"Hi Liz: I just had to let you know that we are really excited about ourEcoSchools achievements, and as you must know, you have been a huge part of our success story. For the past couple of years, with your help, we have achieved 99.25/100, 98.75, now this year we have become the first Oakville elementary school to achieve the full 100 points, ever!!!!!!! Thank you so, so much. . . . please accept my thanks and congratulations on a job PERFECTLY done!!!"

M. B.

Halton Public School